Meet the Staff and Board of Directors

All volunteers, our Executive Director and Board of Directors help ensure our communities remain safe through patrol, educate, and raising awareness.

Board of Directors

Doug Holk has been a resident of San Diego for the past 6 years. In those 6 years has had an active role in various community organizations and events. This aligns with Doug’s belief that goodness must find courage to make it better for all.
Doug has more than 20 years in the Financial Services Industry with a focus on training and consultant work. His work experience has taught him that to be the best leader possible one must focus on what they are most passionate about and utilize their strengths to achieve that success. His strengths and passion are what Doug is most excited to bring to Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol.


Yuo Wu is a first generation, gay, Taiwanese-American. Born in Taipei, Taiwan and raised in San Diego. She earned a BA in Public Administration from San Diego State University and MA in Public Administration from National University. She currently works in Human Resources for the County of San Diego and proudly serves as a Champion for the County’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. She has a passion for volunteer work and has served both within and outside of the community from organizations such as The Center; San Diego Pride; Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol to The San Diego Buddhist Association and The San Diego Food Bank. She is an active member of IPMA-HR (International Public Management Association for HR), WLLE-SD (Women Leaders of Law Enforcement), County of San Diego Employee Resource Groups (LGBT and Allies, and CSDFEA), and a lifetime member of SDSU Alumni Association.


Jessica Mier has been an active member of the San Diego community since moving here in 2008. In 2018 Jessica and her husband, David Mier, decided to join the Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol to contribute to the safety of their neighborhood. Professionally, Jessica is the Deputy Chief of Staff to Congresswoman Sara Jacobs where she manages the daily operations of the office, and among other things, also serves as the liaison to the public safety community.  

Jessica has over 15 years of public service experience and is involved with various political and civic organizations in the San Diego region, including MANA de San Diego, the League of Woman Voters and the local Democratic Party. She is also a graduate of the San Diego FBI’s Citizens Academy and the 2019 Friend of Pride awardee.  

During her personal time, she enjoys spending time at her home in Mission Hills with her husband and their cat Lady Kitty Bumpkin.

Lynn Pender was born and raised in North Carolina. She has lived in San Diego since leaving the Navy in 95. She earned a BS in Criminal Justice Administration from National University. She currently works for The County of San Diego as a social worker in the Indian Specialty Unit (ISU) and serves as one of two LGBTQ+ liaisons for the unit. She works exclusively with the Native American population in San Diego County. San Diego County features the largest number of Tribes and Reservations of any county in the United States. She has always had a strong desire to be of service to others and has served both within and outside of the community for organizations such as San Diego Pride; Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol and The San Diego Food Bank.