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I had not heard back from any Board Members, so I signed and placed in the mail today. I will let everyone know when the final check comes in – Sean

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**BOARD EYES ONLY** E.C. Peach Trust Distribution

Members of the Board,
Attached is the 3rd (and final) distribution from the Edward C. Peach Trust that SCP was one of two beneficiaries. I had the great pleasure to meet Danny Liles who presented SCP with a very nice and large donation. I also was able to meet Roy Thorpe who was Danny’s caretaker after Anthony’s death. Unfortunately, Danny passed, and the estate is in its final distribution. SCP will receive an additional $2,199.34.
Anthony and Danny were from the bay area with a home in San Diego. They both were so very thankful for what SCP does with the community. It was a great honor to meet Danny and hear how he and Anthony felt about San Diego, and especially SCP, while they lived in the bay area as a couple.
Danny had requested during our meeting that we not publicly disclose Anthony’s contribution outside the normal legal public record disclosure, and we as an organization respected that. I request we continue to honor Anthony, and now Danny’s, request.
I am sending this just to keep you as a Board informed, and to set up a time to meet with Jessica to sign the original so that I can return to the attorney. To the best of my knowledge, I am advising the Board that both responses are ‘no exceptions’.
If I can be of any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.