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Uniform Ad Hoc Committee

Greetings Patrol Volunteers,
It is time to look at our uniform and review its functionality to ensure it accurately represents the Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol mission and the communities we serve. A Uniform Ad Hoc Committee will be formed to begin this process. The invitation to join this committee is now open. Please feel free to respond to this message or reach out to me at sredmond@stonewallcitizens.org, Subject: ‘Uniform Ad Hoc Committee’, if you are interested in joining.
The length of meetings and the frequency to meet will be determined in the initial meeting that is scheduled for Saturday, June 27th at 0900. This initial meeting will be approximately 1 hour and will cover the intent of the committee, organization, communications, research/design assignments, and frequency of future meetings.
If you are not able to join or be part of the committee, no worries, you can forward any suggestions or ideas to me before Saturday, Jun 27th, and I will ensure the committee receives your input. Again, please message me at sredmond@stonewallcitizens.org, Subject: ‘Uniform Ad Hoc Committee’.