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Stonewall Citizens' Patrol & 2020

Greetings Patrol Volunteers,
In just the first half of 2020, our community, organization, and volunteers have been challenged on so many levels. We have met all these challenges with our exceptional level of energy that come from San Diego’s best volunteers, YOU! With the creation of our Virtual Patrol, webcasts to check-in with each other, and moving our initial training to a virtual format, we have shined like the stars you all are to ensure our community remains as safe as possible on our watch.
Later this morning, our organization will make a press release on our social media and webpage regarding our platform during this time of reform. I ask that you please take a moment and read this statement very carefully and reach out to myself or a Board Member if you have any questions or concerns. This press release goes hand in hand with our mission, vision, and core values. The Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol Handbook is attached to this message and is available in Volunteer Hub, SCP Documents for your review and reference.
We as an organization have been doing what we do best for the past 14 years due to the many community partnerships that have been formed with hard work and patience. Our organization sees all our community partnerships as valuable tools to assist in a platform of community safety, especially to our LGBTQ Black and transgender communities.
We have been actively involved in our community at so many levels during the ‘Stay at Home’ directive. In the days to come, there will be new patrol guidelines to return our patrols to the streets and maintain our now strong virtual community safety patrol presence through volunteering and observing. Our recruiting is also active, and we have new patrol trainees that are excited to begin their patrol training in our community. Continuation training, program enhancements, Ad Hoc Committees, and new volunteer position announcements are also in the works. There will be a place in our COVID-19 world for all patrol volunteers to meet your monthly volunteer requirement.
Finally, I want to thank each of you for your time and energy to Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol. I look forward to seeing your continued support to ensure we meet our goal for a safer community for all.
With much respect,