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Rainbow Crosswalk Patrol

Greetings Patrol Volunteers!
This Saturday, January 11th, 1300-1430, the Rainbow Crosswalk will be dedicated at the Pride Plaza located at the Pride Flag on University Ave and Normal St. On Friday, January 10th the crosswalk will physically be installed by City of San Diego Public Works. Councilmember Ward’s office has requested our volunteer patrol service to watch over the crosswalk after installation on Friday night/Saturday morning from 1700-0200 and 0800-1100 to ensure it’s ready for the community dedication/celebration. This would be a static (no driving, just sitting in the patrol vehicle) patrol post with the vehicle parked at Pride Plaza inside the barricades closing the street off.
Is there interest in doing this? Shifts would be:
Friday, Jan 10th, 1700-2000
Friday, Jan 10th, 2000-2300
Friday, Jan 10th/Saturday, Jan 11th 2300-0200
Saturday, Jan 11th, 0800-1100
A minimum of two patrol volunteers is needed per shift. Shift change will occur at The Center parking lot. The uniform will be a patrol shirt (short or long sleeve) and patrol hat. If you need a long sleeve patrol shirt, please let me know your preferred size NLT Thursday, Jan 9th, 1700 (I need to go to the storage unit to pick the shirts up and Thursday night is my only available time to do this).
I need to let Councilmember Ward’s office know if we are going to do this NLT Tuesday, Jan 7th at 1600 (if we can’t, we can’t but I had to ask). My apologies for the short notice and quick turn around request. This happens in the community safety business every now and then.
Please respond to this message if you can patrol during any of the above dates and times.