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Patrol Vehicle Vandalism

Greetings Volunteers,
I write to you today with sad news. Our patrol vehicles recently were vandalized while parked in the North Park parking garage. The damage to both vehicles was beyond repair and has been deemed totaled by our insurance company. We are working with SDPD Mid-City Division and LGBTQ Liaisons in hopes to find those responsible. We recently moved the patrol vehicles from The Center’s parking lot due to security concerns and a history of minor incidents during our stay-at-home stand-down. Storage, access, and continued volunteer safety are being addressed for a future patrol vehicle.
In the meantime, with everything that 2020 has presented us as a community and organization, we will react and respond accordingly. Thankfully all our volunteers are safe, and our organization was insured. We are a strong and determined organization, and I have no doubt that we will come out of this even stronger.
There will be social media and press releases in the days and weeks to follow. This will allow us to remind our community about our mission and dedication toward community safety.
This Saturday, November 21st, 0900-1000, I will host a social get together on Google Meets (meet.google.com/xyq-ijav-uit) so I can answer any questions, concerns, and discuss our path moving forth to recover. This is only an informational meeting and there will be no formal decisions made, but it can give us an opportunity to meet face-to-face (2020 style). You are more than welcome to come and go during this 1-hour timeframe.
If you are contacted by a community member or media, I ask that you direct them to info@stonewallcitizens.org or 619-320-8219 (they will be asked to leave a voicemail and a voice to text message is sent to our organizational account). Both accounts are monitored daily to responses are within 24 hours.
I ask that if you cannot attend Saturday’s meeting, or need to speak with me one-on-one, please do not hesitate to reach out. We will get through this together and remain #communitystrong.