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Sean do u want to do a patrol during that day?

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CityFest Patrols

CityFest Patrols
On Sunday, August 11th, CityFest will be hosted in Hillcrest. SCP usually provides a vehicle patrol within Hillcrest neighborhood boundaries where we keep an extra set of ‘eyes and ears’ on this mid-summer celebration. Patrol boundaries are usually First Ave to Park Blvd and Washington St to Upas St (there is no vehicle traffic on University Ave (3rd-6th) and Fifth Ave (University-Brookes). This is a great opportunity to be seen by the community and stop and chat with a very friendly and festive community celebration. Shifts will be 1800-2100 (6-9pm) and 2100-2400 (9pm-midnight). You can sign-up by replying to this message. If you are interested in conducting a foot patrol with a patrol partner, please respond to this message as well and we will coordinate. Both vehicle and foot patrols will begin at The Center’s parking lot. Foot patrols will be transported to CityFest by the vehicle patrol.

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I can do either a foot patrol or vehicle patrol from 6pm-9pm on the 11th!