New post from Sean Redmond

Welcome New Trainees Trace & Garrett

Please join me in welcoming our two newest trainees, Trace and Garrett! Both are bringing great community experience to SCP: Trace is a paramedic student at Southwestern College and Garrett is a prior patrol volunteer with Castro Community on Patrol in San Francisco.
Our training program is a bit different in 2020. We are looking at improving our training times and resources used to bring new certified Patrol Volunteers online. This new program will be structured to include
1) All new trainees will attend an Initial Orientation course in the classroom. This course will cover the history, policies and procedures, and the 'Volunteer Hub' structure for SCP. During this course, all new trainees will register and log into Volunteer Hub. All new trainees will now be receiving the same information through 'Volunteer Hub' as already certified Patrol Volunteers do.
2) Trainees will then conduct two training patrols with a Field Training Leader (FTL) and other Patrol Volunteers prior to being patrol certified. The training patrols will still consist of the backseat and front seat observers, and drivers and patrol vehicle training.
The main intent of this training revision is to avoid possible patrol interruptions on the first patrol and streamlining the initial information that is taught. The in-classroom instruction is also an opportunity for patrol volunteers that are on the inactive roster to return to certified patrol operations with up-to-date SCP instructions.
Currently, there will be a minimum of quarterly Initial Orientations in 2020.
As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask!