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Volunteer Engagement Concerns

Just some major concerns I have about the status of our volunteer force. Here are August numbers:
32 Patrol Volunteers (PV) on the roster
Leave of Absence4
New PV in Aug1
Comm Vol (CV)1
President Emeritus1
24 Patrol Volunteers available for patrol duties
72 hours available is each active volunteer returned 3-hour monthly minimum to SCP
17 available Friday and Saturday patrols
4 patrols occurred in August
102 available patrol volunteer hours to meet 2 PV minimum patrol standards
12 hours of actual patrols (2 PV min)
6 volunteers out of 24 active volunteers committed 3-hour monthly minimum to SCP
LOA does not relieve PV from logging into Volunteer Hub at a minimum 1x/month

Edwin Lohr0033
Doug Holk0011
Yuo Wu0033
Jessica Mier0000
Aaron Heier (Pres. Em)0022
Sean Redmond1542140
Balinda Galindo0000
Connor Maddocks (LOA Sep '19) 0000
Cris Soulia0000
David Mier0000
Deion Johnson0000
Derrick Roach0000
Donald Franklin0000
Donovan Ackley0000
ErinMarie Reiter0000
Eugene Nunez0000
Gabe Mason0000
Gabriel Sotomayor0000
Heidi Turner0000
Jackson Redmond (CV) 0066
Jessica Sinado0022
Ken Bordelon 6309
Logan Casterjon0000
Lynn Pender (LOA)0000
Mary Dice0000
Nestor Lopez (Advisor)0000
Priscilla Ami Lyell (LOA Nov '19)0000
Rieko Lyell (LOA Nov '19)0000
Ryan Joynt0000
William Pontius0000
Willow Winters (8.3.19)0000
Zach Bunshaft3003
As of 8.31.19
I am open to suggestions and considerations to get everyone back in the patrol seat.