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SCP Virtual Pride Committee

***Just moving our initial conversation in 'Volunteer Hub' and 'Virtual Pride' so we can keep historical data of our tasks. This is just the email I had sent out on Sunday, May 17th. Only the SCP Virtual Pride Steering Committee have access to this group. As a reminder, to send to the entire group, click 'Add Topic' but to send to/or answer a committee member's comment, click 'Add Comment'. *** ***We will do all communication through 'Volunteer Hub'***

Greetings SCP Virtual Pride Committee –

We are off to a great start with some great submissions! The script is being written and some timing has been fine-tuned.

What we need to do now is reach out to folx and chat with them. Some may be a veteran patrol volunteer, and some may be brand new and have not completed their training program to date, but we are all SCP!

Using the Call to Action letter (attached) (for script reference), please reach out to the following and go over what we are doing, and what we could use from them. Remind them the Call to Action letter was emailed to them and is in 'Volunteer Hub' under the 'Volunteer Forum' tab so they can reference further.

Here is our roster and I included some notes where I felt would assist you in knowing who you are speaking/writing with:

Connor Maddocks, 619-518-9087,
Cris Soulia, 619-300-1657, (Cris is married to Eugene Nunez, both patrol volunteers)
David Mier, 858-333-1657, (David is Jessica Mier (Board Member) husband)
David Shaffer, 619-607-2763, (David is brand new to SCP. He and his partner Kai Peetoom went through Initial Training on April 11th. We are waiting to get them in the patrol vehicle for field training).
Derrick Roach, 619-600-8281,
Doug Holk, 626-331-1999, (Board Member and husband is Gabriel Sotomayor, SCP Social Media Leader)
Elaine Lewis, 619-971-2801,
ErinMarie Reiter, 619-616-8520, (Allied to the LGBTQ community)
Eugene Nunez, 619-358-3781, (Eugene is married to Cris Soulia, both patrol volunteers)
Gabriel (Gabe) Mason, 619-955-2301,
Gabriel Sotomayor, 619-948-2830, (Gabriel is Doug Holk (Board Member) husband)
Garrett Agins, 858-822-8738,, (Completed Initial Training and one field training. We are waiting to get him fully field trained)
Jan Lumibao, 708-745-1398, ( Jan is brand new to SCP. He completed the Initial Training on April 11th. We are waiting to get him in the patrol vehicle for field training)
Jessica Mier, 818-235-9164, (Board Member and married to David Mier, Patrol Volunteer)
Kai Peetoom, 858-333-6893, (First name is William, but goes by Kai in the LGBTQ community and at SCP. Partnered with David Shaffer. Both went through Initial Training on April 11th. We are waiting to get them in the patrol vehicle for field training)
Ken Bordelon, 619-396-3087,
Logan Castrejon, 619-569-6349,
Mary Dice, 619-607-9767, (Patrol partner with Balinda Galindo)
Balinda Galindo, 619-840-2642, (uses Mary’s email address – patrol partner with Mary Dice)
Ryan Joynt, 858-361-1919,
Trace Fraysure, 858-952-3275,
William Pontius, 206-715-4680,
Willow Winters, 619-838-0681,
Zack Bunshaft, 619-733-6511,

Edwin, Yuo, Jessica, and Donovan, I will let you each decide who you want to contact. Whoever isn't contacted by Wednesday, May 20th, just let me know. Jackson and I will continue to try and reach them afterward. In addition, Jackson and I will be reaching out to the founders and alumni.

Finally, we can use this email thread as our group continuity. Please just 'reply to all' and all our communication can be kept in one thread for all to review and assist each other.