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Nicky Awards Voting

So, the 2019 Nicky Awards Nominations are out, and the voting is active! Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol has been nominated for the ‘Outstanding LGBT Community Organization’. Please take a few moments and vote and have your friends vote (share this link) at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NN3JFQD ***Note, you can vote daily***
While you browse through the other categories, please take note of the SCP affiliation and other community member nominees. We as an organization know how to surround ourselves with great people!
Outstanding Bar Manager – Jessica Wight-Carter (SCP Alumni)
Outstanding Female Personality – Jessica Wight-Carter (SCP Alumni)
Outstanding Male Personality – Benny Cartwright (SCP Alumni)
Outstanding Transgender Activist – Connor Maddocks (Patrol Volunteer)
Outstanding Entertainer/Group – San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus (Community Event Safety Patrol)
Outstanding Businesswoman – Jessica Wight-Carter (SCP Alumni)
Outstanding Community Volunteer – Connor Maddocks (Patrol Volunteer)
William Pontius (Patrol Volunteer)
Sean Redmond, (Patrol Volunteer)
Outstanding Community Activist – Benny Cartwright (SCP Alumni)
Connor Maddocks (Patrol Volunteer)
Outstanding Community Event – San Diego Pride Weekend (Festival Emergency Exit Team)
San Diego AIDS Walk (Volunteer Transportation)
Tantrum and Tiaras (Community Event Safety Patrol)
Out at the Fair (SCP Recruitment)
Transgender Day of Empowerment (Community Event Safety Patrol)
South Bay Pride – (Community Event Safety Patrol)
CityFest – (Community Event Safety Patrol)
Outstanding Community Organization – Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol
Outstanding Straight Ally – Jessica Wight-Carter (SCP Alumni)
Outstanding LGBT Writer/Columnist – Benny Cartwright (SCP Alumni)
Eddie Reynosa – (SCP Alumni)
Outstanding Bank (Branch Office) – Wells Fargo Hillcrest (SCP local Bank)
Outstanding LGBT Couple – Karen and Kerrie Stone (SCP Alumni)
Christine and Nicole Garcia (SDPD Partner)
Outstanding Man of the Year – Zach Bunshaft (Patrol Volunteer)
Sean Redmond (Patrol Volunteer)
Benny Cartwright (SCP Alumni)
Eddie Reynoso (SCP Alumni)
Lt Daniel Meyer (SDPD Partner)