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National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Trans Ambassadors

My friends at the national trans nonprofit that helps train law enforcement and justice system staff on helping trans survivors of violence has a new opportunity for community partners that I wanted to share with my Stonewall friends — I am signing up and can fill our org in as I learn more, but just the way they wrote about what they're doing for National Crime Victims Rights Week reminded me of our community efforts, and I just wanted to share it with our team:
"Be an Ambassador for and with Trans Survivors: Are you committed to reducing the negative impact of crime and victimization that so many trans and non-binary people experience? Do you have a network of friends, community organizations, or professionals you are connected to who you would like to share trans-specific information with about crime against trans folks and healing from that violence? Sign up to be an Ambassador for trans/non-binary survivors! You’ll receive a T-shirt, a packet of palm cards, and other materials you can distribute to your friends and community. [T-shirts for ambassadors are limited, so sign up today!]" https://forge-forward.org/ncvrw-ambassador/