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Diversity & Inclusion Public Statement

Greetings Patrol Volunteers,
As we are all hard at work with California and our community opening back up, so are our operations here at Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol. Our main priority is volunteer safety and ensuring our strategic plan encompasses this for all volunteers and our community. There will be an increase in message traffic over the next 30-45 days in hopes that we will be back on patrol as soon as possible.
To start, the Board and Staff would like to remind all volunteers that Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol is committed to fostering an environment of diversity, inclusion, and mutual respect for all volunteers and communities we patrol. We recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion training and are committed to working with partners to provide this training to all our Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers.
There will be a public statement released tomorrow morning (Fri, Jul 2nd) explaining this position. If you have any questions or know a community member that may have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or Doug Holk, Interim President for clarification.
Sean Redmond
Executive Director
****** Public Statement******
As Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol reflects on this past month of LGBTQI Pride Month, we as an organization continue to focus on our own Mission, Vision, and Values. We take pride in and are reminded that each one of us, and our organization, continues to grow our own intercultural competence. This reminder ensures we live up to these expectations that drive us forward to achieve a safer community together.
Our organization is rooted in incidents that arose in 2006 after members of the LGBTQI community were assaulted outside of the San Diego Pride Festival grounds. Our values are a reminder that we strive to be respectful and inclusive of all members of the community.
Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol does not condone values that are not inclusive of the communities we serve. Our organization will not and does not tolerate non-inclusive behaviors and/or language from any of our Board Members, Leaders, Volunteers, and Vendors.
With all the many events that have occurred over the last months and years, the need now more than ever is to support, advocate, and listen to each other. There is simply no place within our organization for those that demonstrate non-inclusive behaviors and/or language to any one of the communities we serve alongside.
As an organization, we have served beside our transgender neighbors during many events since our beginning in 2006. We continue to stand alongside this community with the goal of being considered an ally amongst the transgender community.
Stonewall Citizens Patrol will continue its ongoing efforts of providing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training to all our members to grow their intercultural competence. The goal of this work is to ensure that all our members take the time to truly listen to others with the intent to understand and appreciate all.
As always, we will continue to make our services to everyone in the community for various events to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all.
We thank the community for allowing us to be that additional set of “eyes and ears” during various events and functions. We look forward to being out in the community again.
On behalf of Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol
Doug Holk (he/him/his), Interim President
Sean Redmond (he/him/his), Executive Director