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***ACTION*** Pride 2019 Last Call for Volunteers

Greetings Patrol Volunteers,
We really need to get our #teamstonewall on! We need to get the word out for volunteers. This is not just a SCP matter, we need community engagement!! Even for our non-available Pride SCP volunteers, we need you to recruit Emergency Exit volunteers! I know Pride is 13 days away, but major financial/logistical decisions must be made in the next few days by our community partner SD Pride if we are not able to fill these critical positions for safe operation of the festival. Please cut and paste the follow as is, or alter it, but get the word out, print, take to work tomorrow morning and share, post on bulletin boards, but let's at least use our power in numbers (currently 36) to get the word out.
The attachment is just the same but in pdf. Send an email to your contact list. We currently need 36 volunteers, let's challenge ourselves to get one volunteer each to show up and make Operation Pride 2019 a success!!!
Alright, so here is my last big push for this year’s Pride! Please help get the call out to all your friends, co-workers, and other great organizations, volunteer yourself, or better yet volunteer and bring a friend to volunteer. We need VOLUNTEERS to assist with EMERGENCY EXITS. This is a must have or the rest of this doesn’t work! The only responsibility is to open the exits in time of emergency. The rest of the time is sitting at the gate and in the shade. This is a non-physical job with all the same benefits as the other volunteers who are laboring it. Bring a book, game, craft, and/or a friend.

Shifts needing to be filled:

Saturday, July 13, 2-7pm
Saturday, July 13, 6-11pm
Sunday, July 14, 2-7pm
Sunday, July 14, 5-10pm

Benefits to volunteer:

You are building and supporting YOUR community!!!
but you will receive even more –

– Free festival entrance both days!
– Means no lines, you enter through Pride Village!
– Pride volunteer t-shirt
– A free meal for each shift you volunteer!
– Unlimited water, soda, and snacks
– Invite to the annual Volunteer Appreciation Picnic in August
– More free food and great community gathering
– If you volunteer on Sunday, July 14th-
– Entered for a chance to win-
 Comic-tickets (for the very next weekend!)
 Sony TV
 PS4
There are 21 hours of Pride festival. Please considering giving, recruiting, or both for 5 hours!

Register at: sdpride.org/volunteer

This is a two-step process:

– First, register as a Pride Volunteer
– Second, pick Festival Emergency Exit Team and a shift
Don’t want to register alone? Email me (sredmond@stonewallcitizens.org) or text ‘Volunteer’ and your email address to 619-320-8219 and we will set up a time to talk with each other over the phone and walk through the process. It’s easy, fast, and you then plan your Pride weekend! I will make time to assist you in giving time for our community!
Want to volunteer but don’t want to go through the registration process? Email me at sredmond@stonewallcitizens.org with your name, phone number, and shift you want to work Emergency Exits and I will build your account, register you, and return your email with a confirmation. Even the registration is labor less!
A two-day free festival ticket could mean:
1. You enjoy the parade on Saturday, come to the festival, check-in at Pride Village to use the first day of your two days free festival pass, enjoy all day Saturday at the festival, go home, rest, and come back Sunday for a 2-7pm or 5-10pm shift (as a reminder, with no physical labor!)

2. You enjoy the parade on Saturday, rest, come volunteer 6-11pm (as a reminder, with no physical labor!), return all day Sunday on your free festival pass!

Or –

Well, you get the point, there are so many options in celebrating Pride, volunteering, and being part of the community. Your schedule and our need for volunteers can work out together! Let’s get to the registration portion/start line together!

True, there is a chance you will volunteer for an Emergency Exit shift, come and meet great people, enjoy yourself, and want to come back again next year and years to follow.

I am willing to place you in that situation!


Sean Redmond
Executive Director
Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol